Light Bulb Leggings


Designed for comfort, style and, of course, your no-regret lifestyle, our leggings feature a high, elastic-free waistband and no-contrast stitching. Sustainable fashion made from our oh-so-soft proprietary fabric, have four-way stretch, UPF and moisture-wicking properties. 

Each pair of leggings is made from 14% spandex and 86% polyester derived from post-consumer, U.S.A.-sourced, recycled plastic water bottles. They're designed and made in either our Seattle or LA studio.

About the Art: Part of our artist series, these leggings feature "Light Bulbs 2008" from environmental photographer Chris Jordan. The piece contains 320,000 light bulbs, equal to the amount of kilowatts wasted each minute due to inefficient residential electricity use in the U.S.

Each legging recycles more than 20 post-consumer (P.E.T.) single-use plastic water bottles.

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